DIAMON-FUSION® is a patented nanotechnology process that improves and protects the glass surface of your Euroview™ Shower Door by making them . . .

  • Water Repellent (Hydrophobic)
  • Stain, Scratch and Impact Resistant
  • Resistant to etching by hard water
  • 20% more brilliant (shine in the glass surface)
  • Environmentally Friendly
Euroview™ Shower Doors treated with Diamon-Fusion® Help make your life easier because:
  • Treated glass means less water can stick to the surface
  • Less likely for soap scum, mildew, bacteria to form
  • That means less time on back-breaking cleaning
  • Less money spent on harsh, abrasive cleaners
  • Protects the environment from the by-products of using harsh, abrasive cleaners.

Independent Labs Prove It! The Limited Lifetime Warranty Backs It! When compared to competitive coatings on the market today, laboratory tests prove Diamon-Fusion® is one of the most water-repellent and durable protective coatings available to consumers. Euroview™ Shower Doors treated with Diamon-Fusion® are guaranteed not to haze, chip, crack, peel or yellow for the lifetime of the glass. This patented technology will make your shower door glass resist hard water stains, soap scum and other contaminants that can permanently damage your glass.

Diamon-Fusion's nano-film is easier to clean than untreated glass, Guaranteed.

Why clean more than you have to?